Classes and Programs

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Deepen Your Practice

Mindful meditation is simple to understand, but difficult to master. It takes time, resources and effort to create and deepen a practice, and we’re committed to help. Our Alumni receive an array of tools and services:

  • Live-Online Meditation
    Free access to our weekly, live-online meditation classes, taught by our expert faculty and guests.
  • Communities of Practice
    Our social network of students, teachers and coaches, organized to help each other grow into mindful awareness and attention.
  • Digital Downloads
    The best digital meditation apps (including discounts and free programs for our alumni), and a selection of guided visualizations around clarity, innovation, engagement, communication, motivation and other business-relevant issues.
  • Meditation Partners
    Our network of secular meditation teachers and meditation centers in each city, aligned to our mission of mindful leadership in the workplace, and primed to help.
  • Mindful Business Research
    Our collection of the most rigorous and business-relevant research into mindfulness, across journals in neuroscience, psychology, medicine and management.
  • Mindful Business Library
    Our hand-curated collection of the best articles, videos, conferences, books and other resources aimed at mindful practice, the science behind it, and its practical application to business.

Deepen Your Practice