A Two-Day Master Class

Mindful Personal and Business Performance is a two-day landscape class that goes top-to-bottom — teaching meditation alongside the history, context and practice of mindfulness, with deep dives into the psychology, neuroscience, and proven benefits in health and wellness, cognition and emotional intelligence.

It is a comprehensive, life-changing course, designed for high-performing individuals who are looking for a step-by-step guide to a personal meditation practice — and for organizations evaluating mindfulness as an intervention for stress reduction, employee engagement, or leadership development.

Better You

Mindful meditation is a gym membership for your mind. Like exercise (but even more powerfully), a small investment during your day can dramatically relieve your stress and anxiety, reduce your exposure to chronic illness, improve your relationships and increase your feelings of overall happiness and well-being.

Neuroscience has proven that the brain is trainable, and that you can develop the mental and emotional strength to concentrate and execute more effectively in your personal life and professional career. As a result, professional sports teams, elite athletes, special forces and top business schools are all adopting mindful meditation as a tool for achieving excellence and extraordinary performance.

In ten years, meditation will be a standard public health checkbox for brain fitness, alongside a healthy diet and exercise for the body. Today, it is a competitive advantage for those who practice and apply it in their personal and professional lives.

Better Team

Many of us are working harder, longer hours, across more projects, with little or no recognition — in an environment of escalating demands, constant change and toxic stress. As a leader, you’ve almost certainly experienced the difficulties of effectively communicating, collaborating, resolving conflict and managing change in today’s attention-deficit, exhausted and overwhelmed workforce.

Mindfulness offers hope, as a remarkably effective toolset for reducing workplace static and restoring rationality. The calm and emotional intelligence developed through mindful meditation can be a powerful new starting point for you — and for the people you lead, manage and work alongside.

Better Enterprise

Leading agile, smart creatives across cultural, geographic and generational boundaries is less about command-and-control, and about more clarity-and-wisdom. Top-down, industrial-era management techniques tend to create oppositional behaviors and disengaged workers, falling far short of the compassionate people-skills that elicit high performance from today’s workforce.

Trust, generated by the true authenticity, self-awareness and compassion of mindfulness, is the scarce resource and most valuable currency in the workplace today. Clearing toxicity and re-engaging workers begins with a change in the emotional maturity and behavior of their leaders.

Mindful leaders, with the emotional intelligence to inspire, re-engage and motivate others, are rare and truly transformational.

A Master Class in Mindfulness

Everyone has the capacity to lower stress and anxiety, improve their cognitive abilities and increase emotional intelligence. The calm awareness that flows from meditation relieves anxiety, digital distraction and overload, and is proven to result in greater happiness and well-being. At the same time, sharper awareness, clarity, concentration, motivation and compassion (for yourself and others) are powerful levers for success in our personal relationships and professional careers.

Learnable Skills for You

Neuroscience has proven that the brain changes, and what were once thought to be immutable traits, are in fact, trainable skills. Learn to channel the benefits of mindfulness to:

  • Become a more effective leader
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Improve motivation and self-discipline
  • Create closer engagement
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Increase your productivity

Along the way, you’ll learn to be calmer, less reactive, and better able to deal rationally with the pressures, conflict and change in your personal life and workplace.

A Force Multiplier for Business

Mindfulness is poised to enter the business mainstream, as two decades of research have confirmed its impact on health and wellness, mental performance and emotional fitness. At the same time, it promises to be a foundational construct for solving some of the largest, most intractable business problems that organizations are grappling with today.

Mindful meditation reduces stress, distraction, burn-out and workplace toxicity, while it build stronger leaders, enables innovation, re-engages workers and scales productivity. It is a force multiplier for business results.

What You Will Learn

Organizations may be governed by fiat, but can only be transformed through the elective growth of the individuals who contribute their passion and human capital. Think of mindful meditation as a personal toolset that will unlock profound benefits for you, that then flow through to your organization.

Whether you’re attending to advance your own personal and professional development, or to evaluate mindfulness for your organization, you’ll come home with a strategic understanding, and immediately-useful techniques.

For You

Mindful Business Performance will teach you:

  • The historical context, development and Western secularization of mindful meditation
  • The cascade of psychology and neuroscience research, directed at mindful meditation
  • The proven physical impact of mindful meditation on specific regions of the brain and limbic system
  • The impact of mindfulness on how you feel, how you respond, and how you behave
  • The simple, powerful practice of vipassana insight meditation
  • The tenets of a successful meditation practice
Along with how to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve immunity and resilience
  • Improve awareness and clarity
  • Improve cognition and working memory
  • Improve critical thinking and decision-making
  • Improve attention and concentration
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Develop an agile and adaptive mindset
  • Unlock creativity and innovation
  • Engage, inspire and motivate yourself, your co-workers, your team

For Your Organization

Your organization will learn how:

  • Progressive, IP-driven organizations like Apple, Google, Genentech and Facebook are building mindfulness into their DNA
  • Fortune 100 stalwarts Aetna Insurance, General Mills, Dow Chemical and Ford Motor Company are deploying mindfulness
  • Progressive organizations are reporting lower costs, increased productivity and ROI
And how mindfulness:

  • Can be implemented as an intervention to reduce workplace stress — and dramatically cut health care costs
  • Relieves tech saturation, digital distraction and attention-deficit across the workforce
  • Reduces toxicity between workers, co-workers and managers
  • Helps develop more compassionate, authentic and trusted managers and leaders
  • Re-engages workers through trust, passion and shared purpose
  • Enables creativity, and encourages a culture of innovation
  • Improves communication, collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Improves individual and team motivation, initiative and productivity

Deepen Your Practice

Mindful meditation is simple to understand but difficult to master. It takes, time, resources and effort to create a disciplined, long-term practice — and so we provide our alumni with a year of free live-online meditation training, as well as an array of resources to help them drop in, get started and stay engaged.

  • Live-Online Meditation
    Free access to our weekly, live-online meditation classes, taught by our expert faculty and guests.
  • Communities of Practice
    Our social network of students, teachers and coaches, organized to help each other grow into mindful awareness and attention.
  • Digital Downloads
    The best digital meditation apps (including discounts and free programs for our alumni), and a selection of guided visualizations around clarity, innovation, engagement, communication, motivation and other business-relevant issues.
  • Meditation Partners
    Our network of secular meditation teachers and meditation centers in each city, aligned to our mission of mindful leadership in the workplace, and primed to help.
  • Mindful Business Research
    Our collection of the most rigorous and business-relevant research into mindfulness, across journals in neuroscience, psychology, medicine and management.
  • Mindful Business Library
    Our hand-curated collection of the best articles, videos, conferences, books and other resources aimed at mindful practice, the science behind it, and its practical application to business.