The Mindful Performance Course

Better You. Better Team. Better Enterprise.

Id8TE’s Mindful Performance Course launches this Fall with a full-day immersion into meditation, neuroscience and emotional intelligence — and how to apply them to improve leadership, innovation, engagement, communication and productivity.

The course continues with a full year of unlimited access to meditation training and support via the Web, an active community designed to help establish and deepen your practice — and is backed by our unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

This is a life-changing, career-optimizing curriculum, designed for high performing individuals who are looking for a step-by-step guide to a personal meditation practice — and for organizations evaluating mindfulness as an intervention for stress reduction, employee engagement, or leadership development.

Better You

Mindful meditation is a rigorous fitness program for your brain. Like exercise (but even more powerfully), a small investment during your day can dramatically relieve your stress and anxiety, reduce your exposure to chronic illness, improve your relationships and increase your feelings of overall happiness and well-being.

Neuroscience has proven that the brain is trainable, and that you can develop the mental and emotional strength to concentrate and execute more effectively in your personal life and professional career. As a result, professional sports teams, elite athletes, special forces and top business schools are all adopting mindful meditation as a tool for achieving excellence and extraordinary performance.

In ten years, meditation will be a standard public health checkbox for brain fitness, alongside a healthy diet and exercise for the body. Today, it is a competitive advantage for those who practice and apply it in their personal and professional lives.

Better Team

Many of us are working harder, longer hours, across more projects, with little or no recognition — in an environment of escalating demands, constant change and toxic stress. As a leader, you’ve almost certainly experienced the difficulties of effectively communicating, collaborating, resolving conflict and managing change in today’s attention-deficit, exhausted and overwhelmed workforce.

Mindfulness offers hope, as a remarkably effective toolset for reducing workplace static and restoring rationality. The calm and emotional intelligence developed through mindful meditation can be a powerful new starting point for you — and for the people you lead, manage and work alongside.

Better Enterprise

Leading agile, smart creatives across cultural, geographic and generational boundaries is less about command-and-control, and about more clarity-and-wisdom. Top-down, industrial-era management techniques tend to create oppositional behaviors and disengaged workers, falling far short of the compassionate people-skills that elicit high performance from today’s workforce.

Trust, generated by the true authenticity, self-awareness and compassion of mindfulness, is the scarce resource and most valuable currency in the workplace today. Clearing toxicity and re-engaging workers begins with a change in the emotional maturity and behavior of their leaders.

Mindful leaders, with the emotional intelligence to inspire, re-engage and motivate others, are rare and truly transformational.

Mindfulness is a Superpower

What were once thought to be immutable traits, are in fact, trainable skills.

Executives Who Practice Mindful Meditation

High Performing Leaders are Achieving Transformative Results.

“My experience with meditation was dramatic and immediate. It changed my life literally overnight.”
Louis Gagnon, CEO of Ride

“My whole life settled down, there was no clutter in my mind anymore; something that used to take three hours now takes one.”
Heather Hancock, Managing Partner, Deloitte

“Meditation not only burns off stress but gives me fresh eyes to clarify what’s going
on and what really matters.”
Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware

“Meditation has immeasurably benefited my family and working relationships. It helps me make clearer, more effective decisions on the job.”

Ramani Ayer, former CEO of the Hartford Financial Group

“Meditation has been integral to my career. It is the best thing that has happened
to me in terms of my leadership”
William George, former CEO, Medtronics

“The results make all the effort worthwhile. Meditation has helped me learn to control impulses that have a negative effect, and how to manage stressful situations more effectively in the workplace.”
Shae Hong, CEO of Sensio

“I meditate very night and spend Sundays in a digital detox. It’s almost like a reboot
for my brain and soul. It makes me so much calmer.”
Padmasree Warrior, CEO of NextEV

“Mindful meditation helps me stay present and subdues distracting thoughts and
emotions. it makes a huge difference in how I lead the company.”
Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower

Brain. Trainable. Good.

A Science-Based Discipline with Extraordinary Performance Benefits.

Everyone has the potential to lower stress, improve their cognitive abilities and increase emotional intelligence. The calm awareness that flows from meditation relieves anxiety, digital distraction and overload, and is proven to result in greater happiness and well-being.

At the same time, sharper awareness, clarity, concentration, motivation and compassion (for yourself and others) are powerful levers for success in your personal relationships and career.

Our Mindful Performance course will teach you to channel the benefits of mindfulness to achieve your most important personal and business goals. Along the way, you’ll learn to be calmer, less reactive, and better able to deal with the pressures, conflict and change in your personal life and workplace.

Who Should attend?

Our Mindful Performance course is designed for:

High-performing and high potential leaders, managers and individual contributors, who are seeking transformational improvement in their own personal, career and business performance.

Organizations who are seeking to understand mindfulness as an intervention for health and wellness, employee engagement, or leadership development. Mindfulness correlates to more effective leadership, more creative innovation, deeper engagement, better communication, and higher productivity

Executive coaches and consultants who are seeking a comprehensive, business-focused framework for integrating mindfulness into their leadership development curriculum.

What You’ll Learn

Take a deep dive into mindfulness — You’ll learn the practical application of mindfulness to achieve measurable business results, alongside:

  • The practice of mindful meditation
  • The historical context and development of modern, secular meditation
  • The breadth of psychology and neuroscience research into mindfulness
  • The proven impact of mindfulness on the brain and nervous system
  • The remarkable results of mindfulness on health, wellness, immunity and resilience
  • The dramatic improvements to intellectual and cognitive performance
  • The transformational impact on social and emotional intelligence
  • The impact of mindfulness on how you feel, how you you respond, and how you behave
  • Strategies for mindfulness in leadership, innovation, engagement, communication and productivity

And much more… Along with how to:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Improve awareness and clarity
  • Improve cognition and working memory
  • Improve critical thinking and decision-making
  • Improve attention and concentration
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Develop an agile and adaptive mindset
  • Unlock creativity and innovation
  • Engage, inspire and motivate yourself, your co-workers, your team

What Your Organization Will Learn

Mindfulness is a remarkably successful intervention for health and wellness, employee engagement, and leadership development. Your organization will learn how:

  • Progressive, IP-driven organizations like Apple, Google, Genentech and Facebook are building mindfulness into their DNA
  • Fortune 100 stalwarts like Aetna Insurance, General Mills, Dow Chemical and Ford Motor Company are deploying mindfulness programs
  • Companies with mindful programs are reporting cost savings, improved engagement, increased productivity and high ROI

And how mindfulness:

  • Can be implemented as an intervention to reduce workplace stress — and dramatically cut health care costs
  • Relieves tech saturation, digital distraction and attend deficit, across the workforce
  • Reduces toxicity between workers, co-workers and managers
  • Helps develop more compassionate, authentic and trusted managers and leaders
  • Re-engages workers through trust, passion and shared purpose
  • Enables creativity and encourages a culture of innovation
  • Improves communication, collaboration and conflict resolution
  • Improves individual and team motivation, initiative and productivity


What does registration include?
Our two-day master class in mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence, applied to achieve practical business results — followed by a full year of meditation training and support.

Are meals provided?
A continental breakfast, break beverages and snacks are provided. There are numerous attractive lunch options within several blocks.

Can I pay by another method?
Sure, if you would rather issue a purchase order or pay by check, please call us at 866-987-9876

Can I transfer my ticket?
Sure, just let us know in advance via email, phone or chat

Can I cancel?
Sure, but please notify us no later than 20 business days prior to the class. If you miss that deadline, we’ll gladly extend you a credit for a future class.

How do I claim a money-back guarantee?
Simply let us know that you’re not completely satisfied, and we’ll refund your registration.

Harvard Business Review 2015

“Modern leadership is about how well we use our minds and the quality of our relationships with others. Rather than simply focusing on business as usual, innovative organizations are turning to mind fitness and inner skills as a way to promote the capacity to thrive and flourish”

Mindfulness drives performance, and its proven benefits in wellness, cognition and emotional intelligence represent an inflection point for leadership and management science. Please join us for our Mindful Performance course and make an investment in clarity, concentration and engagement for yourself, your team and your organization.