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Insight Timer is the largest community of regular meditators on the planet, and their global community generates more daily meditation minutes than any other app. Every day, the world’s best meditation teachers upload new content including guided meditations, beautiful meditation music, talks and podcasts. Download below and get started!

Best TED talks on Mindfulness

    The Nature of Mindfulness

    The Practice of Mindfulness

    The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

    Health and Wellness

    Cognitive Performance

    Social and Emotional Intelligence

    Mindful Leadership


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    Whil offers 200+ programs and 1,250+ on-demand sessions to reduce stress, strengthen mental fitness and improve performance. It is cross-platform and optimized for mobile devices.

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    Mindful Engagement
    Mindful Leadership

    Daily Best Practices

    Goals are what we are working to achieve, while Intentions underlie what we become. Mindfulness works at the level of intention and becoming.

    Practicing Mindfulness with Intent strengthens the emotional qualities that determine who we are and how we interact with the world.

    Emotional Qualities drive Behavioral Competencies – Behavioral Competencies (plus skills) drive Performance – Performance drives Results.

    To determine our own path, we can work backwards from our goals, to the competencies we need to reach them, and once more back to the emotional qualities that create and strengthen them.

    Learn About Mindfulness

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    Practice Mindfulness

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