Mindful Practice

Exceptional business performance requires
extraordinary mental strength

Better YouMindful calm and clarity improve your health, effectiveness and relationships, at home and at work.

Better You<strong>Mindful calm and clarity improve your health, effectiveness and relationships, at home and at work.</strong>

Meditation is like taking your brain to the gym. And just as cardio and resistance exercise trains your body, mindful meditation trains your mind.

The results include mental clarity, sharpened concentration, greater self-discipline and a range of health and wellness outcomes that improve your work, your relationships and your peace of mind.

Better Team Emotional intelligence creates the conditions for better communication, collaboration and effectiveness.

Better Team <strong>Emotional intelligence creates the conditions for better communication, collaboration and effectiveness.</strong>

Relentless change, information overload and our 24/7 connection to technology are producing burnout and disengagement at an alarming rate.

Mindful meditation not only reduces stress and strengthens resilience, it amplifies the emotional intelligence to create better communication, collaboration and more effective teamwork.

Better Enterprise Mindful management and leadership at every level will transform your organization.

Better Enterprise <strong>Mindful management and leadership at every level will transform your organization.</strong>

The industrial economy rulebook is obsolete. Leading agile, innovative teams of smart creatives is less about command and control, and more about clarity and wisdom.

Mindful practices dramatically improve awareness and emotional intelligence, which enable more effective, rational and ethical
leadership. Mindful leadership is transformational.

The Science

Mindful meditation not only influences neurobiological processes,
it changes the structure of the adult brain

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The Business Case

Mindful practices are a force multiplier for the
most important business skills of the 21st century


Clarity of vision, strategic awareness, critical thinking and decision making


Inspiration, intuition, creativity and divergent thinking


Purpose, passion, energy and resilience


Clarity, collaboration, conflict and change management


Motivation, initiative, agility and flow
“Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves — their strengths, their values, and how they best perform
— Peter Drucker

Mindful Business

Companies that are actively investing in mindful practices

Adobe Aetna American Express American Red Cross AOL Time Warner Apple Areva Astra Zeneca Atlantic Health System AXA BAE Systems Bain Capital BASF Bechtel BlackRock Bloom Energy BNP Paribas Boeing Bose Boston Consulting Group Bridgewater Capital One Cargill Catholic Health Corporation Center for Disease Control Ceridian CIGNA Coca-Cola Comcast Compusense Cox Media Danone Deutsche Bank DVB Bank eBay Equinix Facebook Famer’s Insurance Federal Judicial Center Ford Motor Company GE Healthcare Genentech General Mills Genesys Georgetown University Goldman Sachs Google Harker Harvard Business School HBO Hitachi Honeywell Hughes IBM IKEA Intel Kaiser Permanente Keurig Green Mountain Linkedin Maersk Mayo Clinic McKesson McKinsey Medtronic Microsoft Milliman MIT Sloan Monsanto New Balance Nike Nortel Novartis Pimco Plantronics Prentice Hall Procter & Gamble Qualcomm Raytheon Roche Rotman School of Management Salesforce Santa Fe Institute SAP Schlumberger Scotiabank Sony Starbucks Sun Life Target Texas Instruments The World Bank Thrivent ThyssenKrupp Trivago Twitter U.C. Los Angeles UCLA UC Berkeley USC U.S. Cellular United Health University of Massachusetts Medical Center Unilever US Air Force US Army Vanderbilt University Virgin VMware Wawa Wharton School Whole Foods World Economic Forum World Health Organization

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Id8TE Research

Id8TE is mapping wisdom practices to the real-world transformation of business leadership, innovation, communication, engagement and productivity


Applied Neuroscience

Health and wellness, cognition
and emotional intelligence

Mindful Leadership

Developing authentic, compassionate,
effective managers and leaders

Mindful Innovation

Creating and sustaining a
culture of creativity and innovation

Mindful Engagement

Building passion, purpose and
engagement into the workplace

Mindful Communication

Improving communication across
borders, distance and generations

Mindful Productivity

Inspiring action, enabling
concentration and facilitating deep work

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Neuroscience has shown that mindful practice enhances cognition, self-awareness and self-regulation. But how are individuals adapting these capabilities to unlock better leadership, more effective management and superior business results?

We’re looking for leaders, managers and consultants who can take us behind the scenes to the stories that illustrate this critical connection. We’d like to hear your experiences, and in return, we”ll send you a copy of our entire set of published research.

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