Id8TE Corporate Training

Mindfulness is much more than an effective wellness intervention. It is a new paradigm for leadership effectiveness and improved workforce performance that drives superior business results.

Id8TE corporate training courses are aimed at solving real-world business problems, by applying the scientifically-proven outcomes of mindful practices to critical business competencies in key functional areas. These interventions reduce stress, anxiety and chronic illness, while they improve immunity and resilience – and so deliver an immediate ROI in reduced healthcare costs, lower absentee rates and the accompanying increase in productivity.

But mindfulness is even more effective when it is applied directly to human capital and talent management. The most exciting results of mindful practices are more effective leaders, brighter innovation, improved product quality, higher sales, happier customers and increased productivity.

Apply Mindfulness to Drive
Business Results

Mindfulness is a powerful inflection point for management science. Learn how mindful practices unlock the cognitive performance and emotional intelligence that scales performance, and solves real-world business problems in the following areas:

Each course consists of:

full-day onsite or synchronous online training, for up to 30 participants

months unlimited access to 500+ guided meditation video training sessions

months unlimited access to 200+ guided emotional intelligence and leadership training sessions

months unlimited access to live online mindfulness training, events, support and community

Formal and Informal Practices
That Drive Results

Each of our corporate training classes provides a comprehensive baseline of formal and informal mindful practice, a deep dive into the neuroscience and corresponding research outcomes – which are then applied improve the specific functional competencies that drive business and financial results. Mindfulness produces proven cognitive, psychological and emotional results – Our curriculum maps those results to improve leadership, innovation, engagement, communication, productivity and more.

An Investment in State-of-Mind

Id8TE corporate training offers an entirely new and highly leveraged way to invest in the mental performance, efficiency and excellence of your executives, managers and workforce. Mindfulness training profoundly impacts the individual, increasing their awareness, concentration, critical thinking skills, motivation, initiative and emotional intelligence. For the first time, companies can invest in the “state-of-mind” that is the foundation for true achievement.

Mindfulness unlocks the elusive personal traits that define the very best talent in every function. Until now, we’ve been at the mercy of resumes,  headhunters and assessments, none of which reliably predict the underlying forces (personal worldview, positivity, confidence, self-awareness, authenticity) that separate elite performers from the norm. But now, instead of searching through haystacks hoping to find that needle, we can invest to develop those attributes throughout the workforce.

Science has proven that what we consider traits of personality are in fact trainable skills. Mindfulness has been proven to physically change the structure and function of the brain. In so doing, it dampens many self-defeating behaviors while accelerating cognitive performance and emotional intelligence. These offer a broad array of proven outcomes that can be applied to improve individual performance and overall business results.