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Mapping wisdom practices to business leadership, innovation, communication, engagement and productivity.

Neuroscience has conclusively proven that the brain creates new neurons (via neurogenesis) and forms new neural pathways (via neuroplasticity) throughout our adult lives — and that mindful meditation has a direct physical and predictive relationship with both.

Specifically, research confirms that mindful practices result in positive gains across health and wellness, cognitive and mental performance, and emotional intelligence.

Our research focuses on the practical application of those gains to improve business competencies, activities and results.

2016 Research Roadmap

  • The Neuroscience of Mindful Business Performance
    A project that examines the mindful-facing neuroscientific literature for rigor and relevance — identifies the most clearly proven and practical outcomes in each of three general categories (Health and Wellness, Mental Performance and Emotional Intelligence) — and draws a logic map to the application of outcomes to specific business competencies in leadership, innovation, engagement, communications and productivity.
  • Mindful Leadership
    A project aimed at helping organizations develop intellectually rigorous, emotionally intelligent managers and leaders — with deep dives that examine the application of mindfulness to improve vision, strategy, critical thinking and decision-making.
  • Mindful Innovation
    A project aimed at helping organizations create and sustain a culture of creativity and innovation — with deep dives that examine the application of mindfulness to ideation, synthesis, divergent thinking and a tolerance for uncertainty.
  • Mindful Engagement
    A project aimed at helping organizations lower stress and eliminate toxicity, while building passion and engagement into the workplace — with deep dives that examine purpose, authenticity, compassion and change management.
  • Mindful Communication
    A project aimed at helping organizations improve communication across borders, distance and generations — with deep dives into clarity, attention, collaboration and conflict management.
  • Mindful Productivity
    A project aimed at helping organizations inspire action, enable concentration and facilitate deep work — with deep dives into motivation, initiative, speed and agility, and flow.

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We know that mindfulness practice enhances cognition, self-awareness and self-regulation. But how are individuals adapting these capabilities to unlock better leadership, more effective management and superior business results?

We’re looking for leaders, managers and consultants who can take us behind the scenes to the stories that illustrate this critical connection. We’d like to hear your own experiences, or your workplace observations of mindfulness, applied.

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