Mindful Engagement

Mindful Engagement

The crisis of disengagement is one of the most critical business problems facing organizations today. Decades of downsizing, erosion of trust, overwork and stress have resulted in a high percentage of contributors who are working at well below their potential. Add in an historically unprecedented torrent of new information, and increasingly pervasive digital distraction, and our workforces are simply overwhelmed, and increasingly detached

Mindfulness is at the heart of re-engagement, as it improves the individuals state-of-mind, world view, self-motivation and initiative. By lowering stress, re-connecting people with the purpose of their work and encouraging their awareness, curiosity and interest, mindfulness is a powerful force for personal engagement

Id8TE’s Mindful Engagement course teaches the hands-on practices that reduce stress, anxiety, and interpersonal conflict at work. It then provides a powerful framework that motivates each individual to take responsibility for their lives, engage fully with shared purpose, and contribute their personal store of human capital to build a better, stronger company

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The Mindful Engagement course includes:

full-day onsite or synchronous online training, for up to 30 participants

months unlimited access to 500+ guided meditation video training sessions

months unlimited access to 200+ guided emotional intelligence and leadership training sessions

months unlimited access to live online mindfulness training, events, support and community