Mindful Sales Performance

Mindful Sales Performance

Successful, high-performing sales requires mental strength, built on a complex set of psychological, inter-personal, and social intelligence skills. Sales is a mental game, and the strength of an individual’s worldview, positivity, confidence, empathy and resilience are much more predictive of success than “functional” sales skills.

Mindfulness is at the foundation of cognitive performance and emotional intelligence. It provides the self-awareness to project authenticity and establish trust. It enables situational awareness, improves active listening, as well as the intuition to discern subtle cues, and the empathy to understand the prospect’s genuine needs. Science has proven that these are trainable skills, and that they’re unlocked through mindful practice.

Mindfulness is a force multiplier for mental strength, personal motivation and initiative. It enables strong rapport and relationships, and provides the concentration and clarity for critical thinking, calmly effective negotiation, and decision making. These are the fundamental, but rare attributes of star sales people.

Id8TEs Mindful Sales Performance is a powerful intervention for individuals and sales teams. It teaches sales professionals to bring their best game every day, and to work in a state of high-energy flow. The course is similar to the interventions being introduced to elite athletes, embraced by players like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, and imbedded into the daily training of the Bulls and Lakers by Phil Jackson and Seattle Seahawks by Pete Carroll.

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The Mindful Sales Performance course includes:

full-day onsite or synchronous online training, for up to 30 participants

months unlimited access to 500+ guided meditation video training sessions

months unlimited access to 200+ guided emotional intelligence and leadership training sessions

months unlimited access to live online mindfulness training, events, support and community