Mindful Strategic HR

Mindful Strategic HR

Strategic Human Resources is the gateway for new ideas and initiatives that support more effective talent acquisition, development, utilization and mobilization. HR professionals now have a seat at the strategic table, are important business partners with the line, and are charged with optimizing the effectiveness of the people who power the company

Mindfulness is both a critical new personal competency for people-facing, relationship-critical, strategic HR professionals – and a paradigm-shifting new toolset that HR must comprehensively understand in order to implement effectively. It is rapidly becoming more than a simple wellness benefit. Mindful practices are a science-based platform for personal growth, that dramatically improve engagement, productivity and management effectiveness

Id8TE’s Mindful Strategic HR course offers a powerful set of mindful practices designed to support the unique personal needs of HR professionals. At the same time, it provides a top-to-bottom understanding of the business application of mindfulness, case studies of progressive implementations, and best practices emerging from Silicon Valley leaders like Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Facebook; and Fortune 100 stalwarts like Aetna, General Mills, SAP and Ford Motor Company.

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The Mindful Strategic HR course includes:

full-day onsite or synchronous online training, for up to 30 participants

months unlimited access to 500+ guided meditation video training sessions

months unlimited access to 200+ guided emotional intelligence and leadership training sessions

months unlimited access to live online mindfulness training, events, support and community