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Join us for a deep-dive into the most important fundamentals of modern mindfulness — What it is, where it came from, why it’s so important, the neuroscience, the research outcomes — and how to apply them systematically to reduce stress and anxiety, while improving your health and happiness, intellectual performance and emotional intelligence. In a comprehensive two-hour session, we’ll bring you up to speed with today’s mindfulness — introduce you to hands-on meditation — and put you on the path, with a self-paced mobile program, resources and support to help you establish a practice that fits your lifestyle and objectives.

This class is for individuals who want a clear understanding of the background, process and experience of mindfulness, and an initial roadmap to get them started — and for organizations who are evaluating mindfulness as an enterprise solution, or as an entry point for selected individuals and teams.

Why Mindfulness is Such Big News

Interest in mindfulness is exploding, as decades of Western research and over 4,000 studies have proven that it is more than a metaphysical construct — It is a mental fitness regimen that trains the mind, changes the brain, and produces an array of remarkable benefits. These findings expand our understanding of human potential, by proving that what were once considered to be immutable traits, are actually trainable skills.

Over the next decade, mental fitness is expected to enter the pantheon of public health no-brainers, alongside a balanced diet, daily exercise and a good nights sleep. As a result, mindfulness is well into the early-adopter phase in school systems and the workplace — with educators and employers alike acknowledging the benefits of calm awareness, attention control and positivity.

Mindfulness is a paradigm shift in how we treat pain and chronic illness — how we deal with stress, anxiety and depression — how we learn and develop our skills and competencies — how we remove toxicity in the workplace, re-engage our workforce, and drive better performance and higher productivity — and how we address bias, prejudice and reactivity, to reduce conflict and arrive at better decisions — Any one of these outcomes are worthy of attention – Together, they are definitely big news

Mindfulness is a Core Competency

We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Whether we are in the office, or working virtually, or on our laptop or smart phone after-hours, we’re tapped into high-pressure demands that create stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

In this swirl of constant change and new challenges, mindfulness is an island of calm and concentration. In a workday of constant interruption and competing priorities, mindfulness is the attention control to do the most important work first, and do it well. In a workplace where time and tempers are short, and frustration is high, mindfulness is the patience to listen closely, and the space to choose a thoughtful response.

To succeed and thrive, these outcomes of mindfulness are core competencies for knowledge workers and leaders at every level. In fact, as information overload, digital distraction and workplace burnout continue to scale, mindfulness may be the most important new business skill you can master.

The Benefits of Modern Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a life-changing, career-changing practice — the science-proven benefits include:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increased immunity and resilience
  • Increased mental clarity and awareness
  • Increased attention control and concentration
  • Increased focus and engagement
  • Improved strategic thinking and planning
  • Improved critical thinking and decision-making
  • Improved creative thinking and innovation
  • Stronger self-awareness and authenticity
  • Stronger empathy and compassion
  • Stronger connection and rapport
  • Stronger communication and influence

About the Class

Master ClassA comprehensive introduction to the nature, science and practice of modern mindfulness

Master Class<strong>A comprehensive introduction to the nature, science and practice of modern mindfulness</strong>

Modern mindfulness enables us to channel 2,500 year-old wisdom practices, without having to navigate through the millennia of spiritual and religious doctrine.

This frees us to focus on how mindfulness impacts the brain — the predictable results — and how to establish a practice that applies them to improve your health, happiness, performance and productivity.

Mobile ProgramA follow-on self-paced learning plan, with guided meditations tailored to your objectives

Mobile Program<strong>A follow-on self-paced learning plan, with guided meditations tailored to your objectives</strong>

Mindfulness is a simple and effective path to greater health, happiness and relationships — but it takes time, discipline and practice to master.

So, we’ve included a follow-on program of self-paced instruction in formal, informal and situational mindfulness practices — and a beautifully produced mobile app with thousands of guided meditation sessions from the world’s best mindfulness teachers.

Live SupportA series of supporting resources to help you establish a successful mindfulness practice

Live Support<strong>A series of supporting resources to help you establish a successful mindfulness practice</strong>

Mindfulness is a lot like going to yoga, or working out at the gym — We know it’s really good for us, and we love the results —but somehow, it’s really hard to find the time, and turn it into habit

We get that, and we’re here to help you establish a successful practice — with a resource-rich Student Portal filled with tips and shortcuts, communities of practice to provide support, and 24/7 access to our facilitators

Who Should Attend?

Modern Mindfulness will help you establish your personal practice, but the human capital you gain will be coming right back to your company, in the form of deeper engagement, higher motivation and initiative, stronger focus and concentration, and increased emotional intelligence skills.

Mindfulness goes deeper than health, happiness and well-being, to improve intellectual performance and emotional intelligence — which in turn, strengthens your core and functional competencies.

What Functions, What Competencies?

Leaders at Every Level experience greater clarity, concentration, critical thinking and decision making capabilities – and gain the self-awareness, authenticity and compassion to influence and mobilize others. That’s why top business schools (including Harvard, Wharton, Sloan, Stanford, Kellogg and many more) are moving quickly to add mindful practices into their core leadership curriculum.

Strategic HR Professionals are important stakeholders in workforce wellness, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion — and are the front line for mediation and conflict resolution. As a result, SHRM’s most important HR competencies align closely with mindful outcomes in self-awareness, empathy, intuition, strong communication skills and calm diplomacy. HR is also the gateway for progressive workforce solutions like mindfulness, and should clearly understand the practice, and its application in the workplace.

Sales and Customer Service Reps are often the first point of contact and most visible representatives of a company’s true character and values. The most successful sales professionals are self-motivated, confident and highly resilient, with great intuition, listening skills and rapport-building capabilities. Great customer service starts with happy, engaged and positive problem-solvers in every client-facing position.

Engineers and Developers use mindfulness to step away from distraction, and into the deep concentration that takes them to a state of flow. The very best developers are elite performers, who lose track of time and space as they become increasingly engaged and connected to their work.

Creatives and Knowledge Workers use mindfulness to silence the incessant rumination on past events and constant worry about the future that characterize the human default mode. With deep concentration in the present, unexpected thoughts arise, new connections are made, ideas form and insights are realized.

Safety Professionals and High Reliability Organizations (HROs) in Energy, Health Care, Manufacturing and other complex, dynamic industries value mindfulness for the focus and situational awareness it brings to a potentially dangerous workplace.

Should I Attend at Work?

Yes! — We’ve purposely scheduled the workshops so that you can attend (as you would any other important online business training) at your desk, in your office, or a conference room. Mindfulness is a personal discipline, and will positively affect many areas of your life. But Modern Mindfulness is a professional training, in that it not only teaches the nature, science and practices of mindfulness, but how to apply those practices in the workplace — and that’s a powerful win-win for you and your organization.

Can I Invite my Team?

Yes! — We offer Team Discounts that range from 20% to 40%. If you have a large enough group, an even more cost-effective option is to book Modern Mindfulness as a dedicated corporate training (that we’ll tailor to your objectives, and deliver on the schedule that works best for you).

What Does it Cost?




    Eventbrite - Modern Mindfulness... for individuals and corporate teams



    $156 p/p
    Teams of 2 thru 10
    (20% discount)

    $137 p/p
    Teams above 10
    (30% discount)

    Eventbrite - Modern Mindfulness... for individuals and corporate teams


    $95 p/p
    Minimum 20 Participants
    (50% discount)

    • Your Team
    • Your Schedule
    • Your Objectives

    Eventbrite - Modern Mindfulness... for individuals and corporate teams