Courses in Mindfulness

For Health, Happiness, Performance and Productivity

Join us live-on-the-web, to learn about the nature, science and application of mindfulness — experience hands-on meditation — and use our tools, resources and self-paced mobile app to establish a practice that fits your lifestyle and objectives.

Mindfulness for HR/OD and L/D... A master class for human capital leaders

Strategic HR, talent and leadership development professionals are responsible for optimizing the effectiveness of the people who power the company. For leaders in these people-facing roles, mindfulness is not only an important new competency for their own performance – it is a paradigm-shifting capability that they should be evangelizing to the executive ranks and workforce.

Why? Because the proven outcomes of mindfulness go way beyond health and wellness – and right to the heart of our most intractable people-related business problems. Mindfulness is an effective, science-proven intervention for chronic stress, digital distraction, workplace conflict, unconscious bias, resistance to change, overload and burnout, management toxicity, engagement, retention… and more.

As a result, mindfulness drives higher performance and productivity, even as it reduces the costs of health care, absenteeism and employee turnover.

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Mindfulness for Teams... A master class and 90-day guided program

Mindfulness for Teams starts with a 2-hour master class, taught live online – and continues with a comprehensive 90-day roadmap, and the self-paced tools and resources to kick-start an effective mindfulness practice.

The class includes a comprehensive introduction to science-based mindfulness – hands-on experiences with open awareness and meditation – and the most current best practices for improving positivity, engagement, communications and emotional intelligence.

This is a simple, cost-effective way to bring an entire team up-to-speed on mindfulness – with strategies they can apply immediately in the workplace to reduce chronic stress, anxiety, distraction, conflict and burnout – in the process, improving emotional control, relationships, performance and productivity.

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Mindfulness for Managers... Turning good managers into great leaders

In most organizations, supervisors and managers are responsible for the largest employee populations – yet, according to Gallup Research, 82% of them are non-effective leaders. Many otherwise high-potential managers are simply blind to gaps in their situational awareness, emotional intelligence and relationship skills. This diminishes their effectiveness as leaders – and can inadvertently create stress that hinders performance, destroys engagement and discourages top talent.

This is why Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Kellogg, London School of Economics, INSEAD and other top U.S. and international business schools have introduced Mindful Leadership practices into their core management curricula. Mindfulness is a neural training process that quiets, calms and focuses the mind – It reduces stress and distraction, and improves self awareness, self-control, empathy and active listening and other critical EQ competencies.

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Mindful Leadership Certification - A Six-Week Certification Program

Join us for a deep-dive at the intersection of modern mindfulness and leadership — and the learn the science-based practices that every major business school, including Harvard, Wharton, Stanford and Kellogg, are now incorporating into their core curriculum.

Effective leadership in today’s VUCA world requires extraordinary mental strength. It is increasingly difficult to lead amid the chaos of information overload, digital distraction, disrupting technologies and constant change. Leaders are grappling with a multi-generational, increasingly virtual, and largely disengaged workforce — They’re under intense pressure, often overworked, overwhelmed and short on bandwidth for big-picture problem solving.

In this challenging environment, mindfulness is a Superpower — It relieves stress, while it improves cognitive performance and emotional intelligence — It gives leaders the attention control to stay in the present, concentrate deeply and communicate intuitively — and the emotional intelligence to influence and mobilize others. Mindfulness represents a new and important inflection point in management science.

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Mindfulness and Mental Fitness

What were once immutable traits, are now trainable skills.

Modern Mindfulness

Better You. Better Team. Better Enterprise.

Mindfulness changes the structure and function of the brain, in a manner that produces a remarkable array of positive results. In ten years, meditation will be a standard public health checkbox for mental fitness, alongside a healthy diet and exercise for the body. Today, it’s a proven path to happiness and high performance, and a competitive advantage for those who practice it in their personal and professional lives.

Better You

Mindful meditation is a rigorous fitness program for your brain. Like exercise (but even more powerfully), a small investment during your day can dramatically relieve your stress and anxiety, reduce your exposure to chronic illness, improve your relationships and increase your feelings of overall happiness and well-being.

Neuroscience has proven that the brain is trainable, and that you can develop the mental and emotional strength to concentrate and execute more effectively in your personal life and professional career. As a result, professional sports teams, elite athletes, special forces and top business schools are all adopting mindful meditation as a tool for achieving excellence and extraordinary performance.

In ten years, meditation will be a standard public health checkbox for brain fitness, alongside a healthy diet and exercise for the body. Today, it is a competitive advantage for those who practice and apply it in their personal and professional lives.

Better Team

Many of us are working harder, longer hours, across more projects, with little or no recognition — in an environment of escalating demands, constant change and toxic stress. As a leader, you’ve almost certainly experienced the difficulties of effectively communicating, collaborating, resolving conflict and managing change in today’s attention-deficit, exhausted and overwhelmed workforce.

Mindfulness offers hope, as a remarkably effective toolset for reducing workplace static and restoring rationality. The calm and emotional intelligence developed through mindful meditation can be a powerful new starting point for you — and for the people you lead, manage and work alongside.

Better Enterprise

Leading agile, smart creatives across cultural, geographic and generational boundaries is less about command-and-control, and about more clarity-and-wisdom. Top-down, industrial-era management techniques tend to create oppositional behaviors and disengaged workers, falling far short of the compassionate people-skills that elicit high performance from today’s workforce.

Trust, generated by the true authenticity, self-awareness and compassion of mindfulness, is the scarce resource and most valuable currency in the workplace today. Clearing toxicity and re-engaging workers begins with a change in the emotional maturity and behavior of their leaders.

Mindful leaders, with the emotional intelligence to inspire, re-engage and motivate others, are rare and truly transformational.