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Id8TE and Whil

Id8TE’s self-paced learning is provided through our partnership with Whil, the only digital well-being training solution designed for professionals, by professionals.

  • If you’ve attended an Id8TE corporate training, you’ve received a 90-day unlimited access log-in to Whil.
  • If you need help with your log-in or registration – or if you would like to extend your access to Whil, please contact us here.

The Whil Platform

Whil offers 200+ programs and 1,250+ on-demand sessions to reduce stress, strengthen mental fitness and improve performance. It is cross-platform and optimized for mobile devices.

Use the browser on any device to login on the web, or download the app here:

If you have questions about how to get started, how to manage your account, or have technical issues, you can browse the Whil Knowledge Base here.

If you don’t find an answer to your question in the Knowledge Base, please reach out to Whil directly here.

Whil Libraries

Whil content is organized into three libraries, called Thrive, Move and Lead:

  • Thrive contains audio and video mindfulness lessons, and guided meditations.
  • Move contains audio and video Yoga, and office-friendly mindful movement sessions.
  • Lead contains the audio and video Search Inside Yourself curriculum, developed at Google University for mindful leadership, teamwork and emotional intelligence.

Sessions, Series and Collections

Within each library, content is organized into Sessions, Series and Collections:

  • A Session is an individual audio or video guided training experience. Most Sessions are available in 5 minute, 10 minute and 20 minute versions.
  • A Series is a group of 3 to 10 Sessions, taught by the same trainer, and related to a single training topic or goal. Each Session in a Series is designed to take us sequentially deeper into the topic. So, it’s best (but not required) to go through a series in order.
  • A Collection is a group of Series organized by trainer or common focus. Collections include: Basic Training, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Performance and more.

The Training Experience

Each series begins with a video introduction, followed by five to ten audio sessions.

  • Sessions are designed to follow the series sequence, but can be explored in any order.
  • Sessions can be set to 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes in length
  • Sessions are guided, and periodic silences are an intentional part of the practice.

Each series ends with a video recap, with guidance on how to incorporate what you learned into your daily routine.

Goals and Intentions

Goals are what we are working to achieve, while Intentions underlie what we become. Mindfulness works at the level of intention and becoming.

  • Practicing Mindfulness with Intent strengthens the emotional qualities that determine who we are and how we interact with the world.
  • Emotional Qualities drive Behavioral Competencies – Behavioral Competencies (plus skills) drive Performance – Performance drives Results.

To determine our own path, we can work backwards from our goals, to the competencies we need to reach them, and once more back to the emotional qualities that create and strengthen them.

Id8TE and Insight Timer

Establishing a meditation practice takes time and discipline – We strongly recommend that you start with a set of training wheels, in the form of expert guided meditations

Insight Timer is by far the best free app out there – It contains a robust set of peer-reviewed meditation sessions (6,000 or so), from a wide range of disciplines and teachers (1,500 or so) and all the tools you need to organize, schedule and build a community around your practice.

Teachers, Knowledge and Community

Traditional meditation is built on the three pillars of deeply experienced teachers, the knowledge that creates wisdom, and a connection to others. Insight Timer provides

Teachers: For over two thousand years, mindfulness was essentially an oral tradition, and was taught over many years of instruction and mentorship. Today, the quality and depth of experience – the personal insights – and the clarity and connection of great teachers still counts.

Knowledge: Hundreds of the world’s best teachers share their knowledge and wisdom on Insight Timer – not just through guided meditation, but also in lectures and podcasts.

Community: We are not designed to live in isolation, and mindfulness gives us a foundation for improving our emotional and social intelligence skills. Insight Timer’s communities are not only great for additional learning and support, they teach us to integrate the skills we’re cultivating in our mindfulness practice, into our world as engaged beings.

Download Insight Timer

Insight Timer is the largest community of regular meditators on the planet, and their global community generates more daily meditation minutes than any other app. Every day, the world’s best meditation teachers upload new content including guided meditations, beautiful meditation music, talks and podcasts. Download below and get started!