Why Id8TE?

Better you, better team, better enterprise.

As organizations increasingly compete through the disruption of technologies, supply chains and business models, and amid constant and accelerating change, they must somehow:

  • Attract the very best talent
  • Establish a culture of continuous innovation
  • Replace authoritarian management with purpose-based leadership
  • Take paralyzing stress and toxicity out of the workplace
  • Inspire, motivate, re-engage and retain top performers
  • Navigate conflict and change across a borderless, distributed workforce
  • Replace tech-saturated digital distraction with calm concentration
  • Scale productivity through focused attention and deep work

Mindfulness is a foundation for transformational progress across all of these challenges. It is already entering the workplace as an intervention that reduces stress and burnout, while improving immunity and resilience — and early-adopting organizations are reporting uniform success, at a surprisingly high ROI.

But neuroscience also proves that mindfulness results in cognitive and emotional intelligence outcomes that can be a force multiplier for successful leadership, innovation, engagement, communication and productivity. These findings represents an inflection point in management science, as leaders struggle to find new tools, skills and competencies to guide an ever-more-complex workforce through a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global market.

Our mission is to map meditation-related improvement in cognition and emotional intelligence to the new levers that move business results, to help organizations understand and adopt transformational mindfulness, and to help leaders at every level improve personal and professional performance.